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The overall project includes watershed improvements for the Blieders Creek/German Creek Watershed. The proposed project would reduce flooding and provide an environmental benefit in the Blieders Creek/German Creek watersheds, including Landa Park. Stormwater flow would be diverted and conveyed from Blieders Creek to German Creek, then to the Guadalupe River.

The Blieders/German Creek area is within the New Braunfels City Limits, located to the northeast and upstream of Landa Lake and the Comal Springs. Two creeks define this area, Blieders Creek and German Creek. Blieders Creek begins in the north and follows a path parallel to River Road before making a final bend and entering the headwaters of the Comal River. German Creek is the shorter of the two, and primarily flows west and east into the Guadalupe River.

A railroad line divides the area, located along a local high ridge point, and prevents the flood waters of the two creeks from merging. There is a possibility that Blieders Creek used to flow into German Creek prior to the construction of the railroad tracks; however, historical maps of the area show that neither creek connects to each other as the City began to develop.